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⇔when you left me, I left earth. does that not show you that I care?»

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27 dresses, 90210, achillies/briseis, across the universe, alice/jasper, anakin/padme, angel, angel/buffy, angel/darla, angelus/darla, bill/sookie, billy talent, black book, blair/chuck, bob dylan, bon jovi, bonnie & clyde, bonnie/clyde, britney spears, buffy the vampire slayer, cassie/sid, chandler/monica, chuck, clark/lois, cordy/doyle, cordy/xander, david duchovony, die toten hosen, donna/david, dylan/brenda, ed westwick, edward norton, ellen degeneres, elliot/olivia, elvis presley, emily/namoi, emma/will, eric/sookie, erica durance, evanescence, friends, fringe, giles/jenny, gillian anderson, glee, green day, gwen stefani, han/leia, harry/ginny, heath ledger, help!, hoyt/jessica, hugh jackman, indiana jones, indiana/marion, iron man, jacob/bella, james marsden, janis joplin, jennifer aniston, jensen ackles, jim/pam, jimmy/chloe, joaquin phoniex, john lennon, john/billie, johnny cash, johnny depp, josh groban, julian/peyton, justin hartley, kate winslet, katy perry, kelly/brandon, king kong, kristen bell, la vie en rose, law and order: svu, legend of the seeker, lily allen, liz/hellboy, lois and clark, mad men, marilyn monroe, matthew perry, merlin, michael/maria, mulder/scully, nate/jenny, nathan/haley, navid/adrianna, nirvana, no doubt, penny/sheldon, pete/peggy, pink, placebo, public enemies, rachel/finn, rammstein, red, red hot chili peppers, reese witherspoon, revolutionary road, richard/kahlan, robert downey jr., ron/hermione, rufus/lily, schindler's list, silver/ethan, simon pegg, skins, smallville, some like it hot, spike/buffy, star trek, star trek(tos & tng), star wars, switchfoot, the 60's, the beatles, the big bang theory, the doors, the killers, the nanny, the national, the office, the reader, the x files, three days grace, titanic, tom welling, troy, true blood, valkyrie, walk the line, watchmen, willow/oz, willow/tara, xander/anya, yellowcard, yuri/lara, zac efron, zachary quinto